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By March 22, 2015Artists of Abbotsford

Abbotsford Today first introduced our new ‘Artists of Abbotsford’ section in January, 2010. The section is devoted to introducing you to the artists of Abbotsford and, where possible, providing links to those artists and arts groups.

We’ve edited the section, provided an index (below) and will continue adding to the section over time. It is, understandably, a work in progress and we appreacite your patience as we built it.

Though not an all-encompassing directory Artists Of Abbotsford is a section which will only grow and change with time and an attempt to bring as many Abbotsford artists’ work to the public while providing a way for the public to find Abbotsford artists. Please support our local Arts Community as it represents some of the best of what we are leaving for future generations.

Doreen Jung, Abbotsford Arts Council

Doreen Jung
We’ve managed to put together this section only with the help of our Arts Editor, columnist and longtime Abbotsford Arts Council member and supporter, Doreen Jung. Much of what you see in this section has been extracted from her Abbotsford Today columns. What we have created and what will grow from it would be impossible without her excellent writing, photography and hard work.

In order to provide a guide to the sections within Artists of Abbotsford we’ve listed below which artists are featured in each section. Where available, links and/or email addresses have been provided to individual artists’ websites or to guilds or artists groups to which they belong.

If you want to see the work of a specific artist simply click on the link below to the section in which you find their name. If you simply want to scroll through the whole Artists Of Abbotsford section simply Click Here.




The Artists of Abbotsford 1 – Art & Crafts
Barb Hunter, Carolyn Bouman, Darlene Sandau, Darlene Toews, Donna Giesbrecht, George Young, Laura Levitsky, Senada Vehabovic, Sylivia Barlow

The Artists of Abbotsford 2 – Assorted
Desneiges Meyers, Ian Love, Jeff Stackhouse, Joel Libin, Sean Nurcombe

The Artists of Abbotsford 3 – Painters
Becky Mahon, Bett Coy, Elaine Chatwin, Ellen Kirkpatrick, Gwen Murphy, Joyce Trigg, Terry Leonard

The Artists of Abbotsford 4 – Fashion Art
Bev Fanzego, Eleanor Hannan, Gayle Ramsden, Heather Westergard, Margaret Blackburn, Rene Corder Evans, Vicki Bolan

The Artists of Abbotsford 5 – Jessie Somers

Artists Of Abbotsford 6 – Graphic Guild Intro
Chiu-Ming Chiang, Connie Wickland, Melodie Douglas, Neil Loewen, Riley Charters, Teri Phaneuf

Artists of Abbotsford 7 -Graphic Guild
Chiu-Ming Chiang , Connie Wickland , Melodie Douglas , Neil Loewen , Riley Charters, Teri Phaneuf

Artists Of Abbotsford 8 – Heritage & Unity Festival
Cassandra Brien , Coast Salish nation. , Irene Constantineau , Karen Beli, Moore , Manpreet Singh , Nancy Doerksen , Riley Charters , Sandra Vandenberg , Sarabjit Singh , Shan E Khalsa Gurmat Academy , Sidrah Ahmed , Sto:lo Nation , Sun Hang Do ,Xa:ytem Longhouse Interpretive Centre

Artists Of Abbotsford 9 – Studio Tour 2010
Adrian Renkers , Alvina Klassen , Ann Grundy , Carol Portree , Desneige Meyer , Ellen Miller , Encaustics , fused glass , Glass Hive Studio , Gwen Gregorig , Ike Klassen , Irene Enns , Julia Toews , Kathleen Menges , Leslie Easte , Memory Castings , Pat Maertz , Shelley White , Ursula Rettich , Warren & Worst

Artists of Abbotsford – A Small Online Exhibition
Carol Portee , Ellen Miller , Kristen Hunt-Jones , Marg McDonough , Sharon Huget ,

Artists of Abbotsford Part 10 – Students (Pt 1)
Caitlin Neufeld, Jessica Warkentin, Kael Thibault, Karlee Bowen, Laura Alternmueller, Madison Chaney, Mitch Kobasar, Nicole Roberts, Pravis Dhaliwal, Shyanne Schedel, Soon Yoon, Steve Black, Taylor Fike, Tricia Shuetz, Vishalini Chilaka.

Artists of Abbotsford Part 11 – Students (Pt 2)
Abbe Stewart, Caitlin Neufeld, Carris, Emily Sun Woo, Jessica Warkentin, Kael Thibault, Karlee Bowen, Laura Alternmueller, Madison Chaney, Mitch Kobasar, Nicole Roberts, Pravis Dhaliwal, Soon Yoon, Steve Black, Taylor Fike, Tricia Shuetz, Vishalini Chilaka.

Artists Of Abbotsford: Part 12 Carrie Wachsmann
Carrie Wachsmann

Artists Of Abbotsford: Part 13 That’s Not Art
Brandon Shultz, Josh Hildebrandt, Karen Durant, Steve G. Fultz, Wes Giesbrecht.

Artists of Abbotsford: Part 14 Plein Air Art
Jim Walton, Micheal Bray, Plein Air Art, Robin Sather.

Artists of Abbotsford Part 15 Student Art
Elise St. Martin, Emma Heath, Hailey Warmerdam, Hayoung An, Kirsten McAllister, Kristina Collins, Laura Buhler, Liz Beck, Mike Haire, Natasha Beisel, Nichell Martins, Sarah Rader, Seven oaks Mall, Victoria Baranowski,

Additional Resources

Some additional sites where you can find out more about Abbotsford Artists are:

Cover Photo: Into The Tide by Jessie Somers Click To Enlarge

For More On Jessie Somers’ Work Simply Click Here.

Artists – if you need us to change/correct/fix any of the information about you in these pages please send us an email –

Visitors – if unable to find a specific artist an/or unable to connect please send us an email –

We have not yet provided any work of the photographers of Abbotsford or the many other creative people whose work, whether on canvas, on film, written or oral, digital or from stone certainly qualifies as Art.

Please remember this is a small portion of the work we will be doing over the coming months and years. Aand check back often to follow our progress. You will be surprised how many talented people live in our community.

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