AbbotsfordFIRST Reacts To Article On Abbotsford Today

By October 30, 2014Municipal Politics

Release. AbbotsfordFIRST was disgusted to learn of an article relating to candidate Lyle Caldwell which appeared online on a website called Abbotsford Today and subsequently on other websites. It was ill advised and written in poor taste. While written under the guise of “humor” it most definitely does not fall into that category nor is it in any way appropriate. We abhor its contents.

One of our candidates, Vince Dimanno is a co-owner of that publication. He has advised us that he did not write the piece and when he was made aware of the article, he immediately required it to be taken down. Mike Archer, editor of Abbotsford Today has taken responsibility for writing and publishing the article. He confirmed to us that when Vince was made aware of the article that he (Vince) insisted on its removal.

AbbotsfordFIRST as a group stands for Leadership, Accountability and Respect. We stand against any effort to intimidate, bully or otherwise cause harm. We applaud all candidates of this election, who step out of the private realm into the public arena to be vetted to serve our great city.

AbbotsfordFIRST remains focused on important issues facing the city of Abbotsford. AbbotsfordFIRST is committed to turning Abbotsford into the Economic Hub of the Fraser Valley.

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