Abbotsford’s Jay Teichroeb Out – 1st Casualty In Chicken Manure Homeless Incident?

The Abbotsford Times is reporting that Jay Teichroeb, General manager of economic development and planning, is on indefinite leave and will not be returning.

The Times says the development community has been told Teichroeb will not be coming back.

Though the Times did not link the news to the Abbotsford Chicken Manure Homeless Incident, there is little doubt Teichroeb is taking the blame. Along with economic development one of his responsibilities was the bylaw department.

Teichroeb was instrumental in several of the City of Abbotsfords more controversial decisions over the last decade including Plan A, the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Center (AESC), the DCC controversy, the Great Abbotsford Water Shortage-Surplus and has been generally associated with a decade of decline in economic indicators and development in Abbotsford.

The Times quoted a number of important developers and business leafers as saying Teichroeb’s departure wouldn’t matter.

There is no indication what portion of his $201,000 salary he will continue to collect while on leave nor for how long.

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  • wintershades says:

    Question? “On leave” of his own accord until the controversy dies down OR was put “On administrative leave” until the controversy dies down? Hmmmmm? Either way, big payout in the end!

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