Abby Rugby Line Ups For BC Semi Finals

By May 4, 2013Sports News

From ARFC. Playoffs are upon us. the club has been building since August for this opportunity, and for the first time in club history, we have all three men’s teams in the BC semi-finals. This is a huge accomplishment in itself for our club.

For those going to the island, please be at the club at 7am to catch the bus. It’s $40, which includes bussing, ferries and an overnight stay. We’ll be back on the 9am boat Sunday, so back in Abby at about noon. Supporters are welcome ($75 for overnight).

Division 1
3pm kickoff vs Velox at Velox

1. Brent Bradbury
2. Some Mosogau
3. Harry Toews
4. Aaron Flagg
5. David Prins
6. Dilpreet Chahal
7. Lee Helm
8. Chris Chalmers
9. Lucas de Beer
10. Mark Adams
11. Patty Shields
12. Ryan McWhinney
13. Chris Pack
14. Konrad Rybkowski
15. Graeme MacRury

Division 2
1:15pm kickoff vs Velox at Velox

1. Iqbal Sidhu
2. Jose Guevara
3. Byron Toutant
4. Mark Moody
5. Tanner Saliken
6. Darwin Guevara
7. Corey Sheremeto
8. Daniel Webster
9. Scott Alexander
10. Bryce Hewko
11. Trent Bourke
12. Max Shears
13. Gareth Bartlett
14. Brian Chin
15. Jordan Tait

Dennis Bigras
Jared Douglas
George Feraru
Dan Helm

Division 3
11:30am kickoff vs Rowers at Ex Park

1. Steve Preston
2. Karl Reisinger
3. Perry Sandhu
4. Justin Vargas
5. Carlos Navarrete
6. Mark Latam
7. Shaun Ball
8. JD Paul
9. Bryan Cuthbertson
10. Khaene Hirschman
11. Nick Hossmann
12. Sebastian Gibson
13. Mitchell Follett
14. Cody Follett
15. Sean McLaughlin

John Cannon
Niek de Brouwer
Dave Hull
Derek Pue
Nathan Sagert
Lane Tennant
Ross Trout

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