Abnor: Rich White People Problems

By March 14, 2013Abnor

By Abnor. I was listening to CBC Radio at one of my favourite coffee shops in Abbotsford Thursday morning and heard Rick Cluff discussing another of the major issues facing us here on the west coast … people who ski too fast at Whistler.

Listening to the vehemence and firm sense of righteousness expressed by all those who called in to agree that ‘Something must be done’ about skiers who go too fast.

It’s a ski hill people!

I’m so pleased that the CBC is helping us deal with the major issues facing us as we move forward into an uncertain economic future, changing international fortunes and increasingly difficult times for average people.

With more of our friends and neighbours surviving with the help of food banks and living on the streets where they can expect to have their city and their police force take away everything they own and toss them out of their makeshift shelters in the middle of the night into the rain and cold, it’s good to know that someone is keeping their eye on the really important questions of the day.

Go CBC. You slow those skiers down.


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