ACS Says Thank You For Support

By August 2, 2013Community News, News

From Abbotsford Community Services. Thanks to all of our donors/supporters who have taken action by writing Mayor & Council to approve the Rezoning Application. In the words of one supporter: “ … show some compassion, and give the homeless a chance to get back on their feet, seek employment (you can’t get a job if don’t have an address) and become useful citizens.

What goes ‘round, comes ‘round’.” And another writes: “I am aware of the concerns expressed by some of the neighbours in the business community.

And while their concerns are not without merit, I would offer that by attending to the needs of the homeless the project has the potential to contribute positively towards an enhanced business atmosphere in the downtown area.”

And one more writes: “I have been a resident of Abbotsford for 15 years and I cannot visualize a more appropriate site in Abbotsford for this project.” Thanks for the letters – keep them coming!

Supportive Housing Inofrmation

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