Amanda Shares Different Tricks When Applying Powdered Eyeshadow

By Amdanda DenBraber. Powder eye shadow can be used for many purposes. I always like to buy shadows that are free from Talc which is known to cause irritations and long term problems when inhaled. Be sure when picking a palette with more than 3 colors that you will use all of them.

Use more of a skin tone with a bit of shimmer for a highlighter on your cheekbone, temples, down the bridge of the nose and above your upper lip for a natural glow in the proper places. (Of course use a light hand in application )As well, use this in the inner corner of the eyes to grab more attention to your peepers.

An eye shadow that is lighter than your skin tone and matte will be great for covering up the uneven areas around the eye. If it’s a good texture, it could be doubled up as a powder to correct dark circles when you’re limited for products! The best use for the matte skin tone eye shadow is for your brow bone, to instantly lift your eye area and crisp up the definition of your brows.

Black matte or Charcoal matte works wonders on your brows if you have darker hair! Just a little bit on an angle brush with hair like strokes will fill in any sparseness. You may use it for lining your lashes for a soft amount of definition, add a little water or mixing fluid to create a more intense line and color and this will last longest as well.

A matte Brown can be used to define your eye socket. Use it on the outer half, blend or build the color as close to the last bit of your lashes to create more drama. When applying I like to add a little bit, then blend and repeat.

I hope this helps out a few readers!!

Makeup artist fraser valleyAbout Amanda
Amanda has early morning energy, confident in application and loves being a wedding freelance makeup artist. She has products and techniques to Airbrush, cover acne, birthmarks and even tattoos. Your wedding day look is stress free by booking a makeup artist for your wedding day. Always keeping up with the latest makeup trends for bridal and fashion, you as a client will be guaranteed satisfaction. Her makeup kit is fully stocked with the latest trendy products in prestige cosmetics, natural and mineral makeup. Loves sharing freebies with clients during consultations. Amanda is a certified makeup artist and has worked on film sets, commercials, music videos and photo shoots. You may recognize her from A-Plus Makeup, which was her first company name before getting into the wedding industry. With the brides colors and wedding theme, then create a few favorite looks by focusing the attention on her best facial feature. Available to stay throughout the brides wedding photos to ensure that her photos will be perfect!
Amanda can be contacted by clicking here. Fraser Valley Makeup can also be found on Facebook.
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