Another Homeless Eviction On The Weekend

The signs went up last Wednesday along the property behind Save On Foods on Sumas Way across from The Brick notifying the homeless who were living in the woods that they would be evicted beginning Friday morning.

Bas Stevens photo

Though the signs said the Abbotsford Police Department (APD) would be on site, the APD was neither involved nor had they been contacted.

The security company had contracted someone to do do the eviction but when offered an opportunity they hired Recycle It, the company which was used to perform the Gladys Avenue eviction on July 31.

One man, who has lived in that spot for over two years, had some of his belongings trashed and another three or four people from the July 31 Gladys eviction moved themselves out of the forest before the crew got there.

The company is going back in to clean up a large area of the woods which has been lived in on and off for several years by a variety of Abbotsford’s homeless population.

It isn’t clear where the rest of the men and women who were evacuated from the Happy Tree on July 31 have ended up.

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