APD Issue Public Notification On Adrian Julian Wilson

By February 27, 2013Abbotsford News, Valley News

Adrian Julian Wilson, age 34, is the subject of public notification conducted by the Abbotsford Police Department.
Wilson is 168 cm tall (5’ 6” inches) and weighs 77 kgs (170 pounds). He has a short brown hair and brown eyes.
Wilsonresides in the Abbotsford area.
Wilson has a criminal history of robberies and sex-related offences against both adult males and females. He is considered to be a high risk to re-offend.

Court Ordered Conditions:

• To keep the peace and be of good behaviour.
• To remain within the Province of British Columbia unless prior written permission to go outside the province is obtained from the court or the Probation Officer.
• To have no contact, direct or indirect, with any of the victims of the offences or any known members of their immediate families.
• Not to attend within 300 meters of any known residence, place of employment or educational facility of any of the victims of the offences or any known members of their immediate families.
• To immediately advise the Probation Officer of any close, intimate, familiar or familial relationship with a male or female person, and refrain from continuing with that relationship until that male or female person has been advised of his criminal record in the presence of the Probation Officer.
• Not to possess any weapons.
• Not to consume or possess alcohol or any controlled substances, excluding prescription medication prescribed by a licensed physician or dentist.
• Not to enter any liquor store, beer and/or wine store, or business whose primary purpose is the sale or distribution of alcoholic beverages.
• To remain in his residence between the hours of 10:00 pm and 6:00 AM every day unless with the written permission of his Probation Officer to be absent or unless in the company of a person named in writing by the Probation Officer.

If you see this individual in violation of any of the conditions listed above please contact your local police agency immediately.

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