Banman Caught Posting On Bogus Henry Brown Twitter Account

By November 11, 2014Breaking News, Politics

UPDATED 17:16, 11/11/2014

Abbotsford Mayor Bruce was caught today posting on Twitter on a “Vote Henry Brown” Twitter account which has been causing a great deal of concern among candidates and election watchers in Abbotsford.

Posts on the account have been very nasty – some describe them as borderline libelous and many have been passed around, retweeted and shared on Facebook.

Today ‘Henry Brown’ posted an image of Henry Braun’s Facebook announcement about his release of his donors list together with comments suggesting Braun was not telling the whole story, was keeping some donations hidden and was not telling the public the truth.

“Looks like you’ve got some questions to answer …” said one post.

Trouble is, when you are signed in to Facebook, the social media site shows the image and name associated with your account. Unfortunately for Banman, a number of people saw his post and grabbed screeshots of it before he hastily took it down.

Abbotsford Today tried to get in touch with both Mr Banman and Mr Braun but only Banman has so far responded.

“I condemn all slanderous attacks that have been during this campaign, whether they be from anonymous twitter accounts or websites. Even though many of the candidates in this election disagree on issues that face Abbotsford. I believe all candidates have the best interests of Abbotsford in mind, this election is about real issues that face the people of Abbotsford and how we move forward as a city,” he said in reference to his post on the bogus account.

UPDATE 18:00, 11/11/14 –
The response to Banman’s attack on :websites” and refusal to deal with his blunder elicited almost immediate replies on social media such as the one below asking him to explain his post:

Banman Can you explain

The screenshots below show several of the offending posts from the ‘Henry Brown’ account; Bruce Banman’s account image before and when he posted; and the quick change made to his account profile photo after the blunder.

Henry Brown 1
Henry Brown 2
Henry Brown 3
Henry Brown 4
2HENRY brown
henry brown


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