Banman Takes A Pounding On FB Over On-Again-Off-Again Attendance At Mayoralty Debate

Defining Moment In The Campaign?
Mayor Bruce Banman is taking a lot of criticism on Facebook over his decision last night to cancel his appearance at tonight’s Mayoralty debate and then, three hours later, announce that he would be there for an hour between 8 and 9 pm.

We’ve posted a sampling of the comments received on the Today Media Facebook page as of 9:34 this morning.

  • Enrique Rempel These actions speak louder then any empty words in a debate could
    He uses a community event to gain support and dodge a debate.

    Makes it easy to decide who to vote for on November 15.

    I’ll go and listen to what Henry Braun had to say.
  • Kal Sidhu Jason, how long ago do you think Bruce would have committed to being at the debate? I am guessing at least 3 weeks ago. At that time he would have looked at his calendar and said that he was already fully booked that evening (he probably even has his See More
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  • Kal Sidhu Thanks Bruce for the confusion and kudos to you on the politics of using a people group’s celebration to make them feel important and win over support. Well played Bruce…well played. It may just work? Do you or your people not own calendars? Looking forward to November 15 election results.
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  • Helen Hughes You can hardly call it a “debate” when there is only one candidate willing to fully participate.

    I was looking forward to listening to both candidates responding to voter questions at this debate, and finalising my decision on who I would vote for on Nov 15.
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  • Beth Dudka Shows where his priorities are. This election time he plays the safe card and attends ethnic function instead of facing the rest of abbotsford voters
  • Jason Martens and this abbotsford today website is doing a good job at spinning words. Pretty classless choice of words. report the damn news and dont let your personal opinion influence it. first time ive heard of them but wont be taking anything they say seriously from now on. good job.
    • Enrique Rempel Jason, the email invitation for the debate was over two weeks ago. The event is an annual event. You don’t think people check their calendars? Especially at a time like this? There is now excuse for this, many people have set aside time, got sitters etc. It’s disrespectful to the people and the organizers. It is also insulting to the other events to use them like this.
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  • Jason Martens im not for Mr. Banman but lets give him the benifit of the doubt here. he commited to be there earlier. im sure this debate was scheduled after his commitment. Yes it reaks like christy clark and the bollywood music awards a little while back before the election, but im pretty sure this debate was scheduled in ink until recently.
  • Meghann Coughlan Hernandez We probably should have all stayed quiet and let him dig his own proverbial grave.
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  • Meghann Coughlan Hernandez This comment has since been removed.

    Meghann Coughlan Hernandez's photo.
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  • Bruce Anderson this banman and our mayor gatez should run for parks boards that’s about the two of them put 2gether can handel
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