Banman Takes Decisive Action To Get People Out To Heat Games

By January 21, 2014Abbotsford News, News

The University of the Fraser Valley (UFV) and the City of Abbotsford are working together to make it more affordable to attend events at the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC), announced Mayor Bruce Banman today.

Effective immediately, UFV and the City will cut the price of parking in lots adjacent to the AESC on event days. Parking for AESC events in UFV lots will drop from $10 per event to $5 per event. Parking on College Drive will be $5 per event, on Gillis Road will be $3 per event, and parking on McKenzie Road will be $2 per event.
“Marketing research is telling us that some people see the price of parking as a deterrent that might preventthem from attending events at the AESC,” said Craig Toews, UFV executive director of facilities and campus planning. “As a partner with and next door neighbour to the arena, UFV has a vested interest in seeing it succeed, so we’re going to do our part to encourage attendance by making the parking service more attractive.”

Much of the parking for AESC events utilizes UFV parking lots, with the revenue going to the university. UFV business students recently worked with the Abbotsford Heat hockey club to conduct market research as part of a business research methods course. Their findings indicated that $10 parking fees were a deterrent for some potential customers. UFV decided to reduce the fees after analysing the financials and consulting with the City, Global Spectrum and the Heat.

“We are extremely grateful to UFV for offering to lower their parking rates alongside the rate reduction for the
City’s parking spaces,” said Banman. “This is a great example of a collaborative community partnership in support of our City.”

UFV will reduce the hockey/event parking rates by 50 per cent on a one-year trial basis in an effort to help improve the customer experience and satisfaction for those attending the AESC. Parking rates for spaces on local streets near the AESC maintained by the City of Abbotsford will also be reduced.

“UFV may experience a decrease in parking revenues initially, but we hope the reduction will help to increase attendance and we will recover the revenues in the long run,” said Toews.

“As this change takes effect immediately, hockey fans coming to the Friday and Saturday Heat hockey gamesagainst Utica (Canucks affiliate) will be the first ones to get to take advantage of the new lower rate!” said Banman. “While the revenue impact to the City will be minimal, we anticipate the net result of this change to be
positive as we continue to encourage people to attend events at the AESC.”

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