Blueberry Cannons Are A Non-Issue

By February 5, 2015Hot Topic, Mike Archer

By Mike Archer. The issue of trying to control the noise from blueberry cannons in Abbotsford should be left exactly where it is … nowhere.

First of all; as with most issues dealt with by the previous three councils, the City has no jurisdiction over the matter. That should be the beginning and end of the matter but for politicians who saw an opportunity to shore up political support and make an issue out of nothing.

Secondly; the number of people affected is so small it boggles the mind that supposedly sane political leaders (I use the term advisedly) and newspaper editors would waste any of the public’s time on such a triviality.

Thirdly; at the risk of being accused of telling the truth, it has become a racial issue in a community which can ill-afford more division.

Some politicians have garnered votes for standing up to the blueberry farmers (mostly brown) and some have garnered votes for standing up for the property owners (mostly white).

Fewer than ten property owners are affected by this issue and it is time for the political leadership in this town to stop pandering to two sides of a highly charged non-issue.

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