Busy Season Underway For AAHA

By April 25, 2013Sports News

The Abbotsford Angels Hardball Association (AAHA) has been having a busy season so this year and this past weekend was not exception. The Orioles and the White Sox tied 12- 12 and will have to wait for a rematch later in the season to settle their differences 🙂

Nothing Solved in Orioles v. White Sox Tilt

Orioles 12
White Sox 12
Report: Orioles tied the game in the 5th inning, but White Sox had last bats. Orioles closer David Draayers struck out two, then walked the next batter, who steals all the way to third base. Jordan Epp gets up to bat and bunts off a fast ball and then steals 2nd base. The table is set for the win, but Draayers strikes out the last batter! The game ended in a 12-12 tie. Rematch later in the season!

Mosquito Results April 20

Mosquito Results from Saturday, April 20
Nationals 15
Padres 11
Blue Jays 12
Red Sox 2
Pirates 12
Phillies 3
Reds 12
Giants 11
Mariners 8
Yankees 6
Not reported: White Sox v. Orioles

Pirates Pummel Phillies

Pirates 12
Phillies 3
Report: The Pirates and Phillies met under cool and breezy conditions on Saturday morning amidst the fourth consecutive eager and raucous sell-out crowd. The press labeled this game a “must-see” as last years’ Tadpole 2 Finals coaches faced each other for the first time. While coach Ross maneuvered her many talented kids strategically throughout the game, it was coach Wakelyn’s squad that pulled off the eventual victory.After 2 stellar innings by right-handed sensation, Tyson Ashton, the game marked the pitching debut of Logan Israelson who took command of the mound in the 3rd. Other highlights include a bases loaded, inning-ending catch by Braeden Lowry on 2nd.

Mariners Edge Yankees

Mariners 8
Yankees 6
Report: It was one of those rare moments in April baseball, when the rain held back and allowed an opportunity to see some players shine. The Yankees got off to a 5 – 2 lead going into the bottom of the second. However, the momentum changed when Nick Rabinovitch got up to bat, crushing the ball on the first pitch, bringing in two RBI’s. The Mariners continued to charge forward despite some good teamwork by the Yankees. Jayden Burga then put on a gutsy pitching effort by not letting any runs score in the third. Then Jackson Krahn came through with a timely hit in the latter stages of the game. This gave the Mariners the buffer they needed for Jayden Burga to shut the door again allowing an 8 – 6 win for the Mariners.

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