Cascade Uses Scabs While Airshow Showcases Abbotsford Business

Shane Woodford is reporting on CKNW that, while Abbotsford proudly showcases its business community to the world at the airshow, one of our biggest employers is using scabs to keep making money while its workers are on strike.

[excerpt] Nine weeks and counting as 440 striking Aerospace workers in Abbotsford remain off the job.

Unifor’s Gavin McGarrigle says Cascade Aerospace has been bringing in replacement workers to cross the line.

“They started bussing them in 30 or 40 of them to try and fix some planes. At the end of the day thses are very highly skilled aerospace technicians and you can’t replace 440 people with some rent a scabs from Ontario. We tried to ask the provincial government if the $5 million in training funds that they committed in April to the aerospace sector was being used to train these replacement workers from Ontario but we were met with nothing but silence.”

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