Comment Of The Week: Banman’s Email Translated

Earlier this week we published an email sent by Bruce Banman regarding the decision by the City of Abbotsford to postpose indefinitely the controversial YMCA project – What Do You Think? What Does Banman’s Email About YMCA Mean

Here’s What Bruce Said:
Dear xxxxxxx

I apologize for the delay in responding to you, but I wanted to wait to provide you with a final update after our April 22ndCouncil meeting.

On Monday April 22, 2013, City Manager George Murray presented a report to Council that stated the MOU signed with the YMCA is non-binding and has been rescinded. Council accepted this report and accordingly the proposal to have a YMCA developed in Abbotsford has been abandoned at this time.

I, along with Council, have appreciated the YMCA for their professionalism, their dedication and their empathy towards our community throughout this process.

The City has some work to do before the timing will be right for a project like this one, but our experience with the YMCA has been very positive and Abbotsford would be privileged to work with such a considerate partner in the future.

Thank you for voicing your opinion about the YMCA proposal. It is important for Council to hear from residents, and we appreciate your interest and involvement.




Here’s Meghann Coughlan’s The Translation:

I would have replied sooner, but we all had to get our stories straight. Because everyone freaked out, we’re not going through with this terribly bad idea – at the moment.

We’re still pretty much buddies with their head honcho on this proposal.

Too many people were paying attention for us to pass it at this time, but we’ll probably bring it up again later when something more distracting is happening. Or we’ll add it to the agenda at the last minute so no one will be prepared.

I’m going to blow some smoke up your ass about us valuing your opinion because, well, politics and all that jazz.

I still like singing as often as I can in public,


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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    One thing, I like about Meghann, she cuts to the chase, does not mince words and has the courage to call it as she sees it…Just think, what a better world, we would live in if more people spoke the truth and
    stood up for what is wrong.

    It may sound abit brass but you know what is more brass…the very
    people, who try to take advantage of the hard working taxpayer’s in this city.

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