Comment Of The Week: Staggering Obliviously

Alternate headline: Staggeringly Oblivious – More and more people are becoming uneasy with “democratically elected politicians” who insist their narrative is our reality, in-spite-of all facts to the contrary. That “reality spin” is seen for what it is and that has greatly damaged constituents’ ongoing willingness to entrust politicians & the political process. More & more people are refusing to continue underwriting trust when it is seen to be driven by dangerous, nonsensical political narratives.

Unchecked, the practice threatens to undermine democracy further by deferring and stockpiling toxins that a healthy democracy would otherwise purge en route.

Our collective societies are convulsing as a result.

Locally, our municipal government staggers obliviously from pothole to pothole while defending its smooth road policies.

As Sherlock Holmes said, once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains is the truth, however improbable.

We are beginning to see the sobering remainder of it all.

From Walter Neufeld, commenting on Tell The Truth.

Walter Neufeld

*Walter Neufeld was born and raised in Abbotsford. He manages a development company operating in BC and in Alberta. Walter has been a critic of the provincial government’s dysfunctional Mines Act for over 12 years. Most recently, he’s critiqued both Honourable Randy Hawes and the gravel industries Aggregate Pilot Project. The Aggregate Pilot Project is a harmful private production document which Hawes is currently trying to offload onto BC’s public domain. He has been instrumental in publicizing details of the offer of millions of tax dollars to the YMCA by City staff and politicians.

His columns can be found here.

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  • The Editor says:

    DeceitinDrugs Says

    Our municipal government is staggering from pothole to pothole,
    scratching their heads trying to figure out, where they’ll get the
    monies for road infrastructure/maintenenace funds, after they
    drained the capital reserve fund in 2009 in order to pay for the
    $30 million arena cost overrun.

    Smooth road policies have been put on hold, due to lack of DCC
    monies to fund road infrastructure and other monies being used
    to pay $14.5+ million in arena/hockey subsidies, in the past 31/2 yrs.

    Reality spin is the way of doing business at Abbotsford City Hall to
    the point people no longer know what to believe!

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