Coyote Rescued From Leg Hold Trap

Critter Care Wildlife Society reports – Today we rescued this coyote in Abbotsford. He was caught in a leg hold trap. The trap is large and heavy, and it still had the cable attached to it that would normally be staked in the ground.

After getting caught (some time ago as this coyote was emaciated), the young male coyote was able to struggle enough to unstake the trap. With his leg still in the trap, he dragged the heavy thing around until today when the trap snagged in some bushes. Kind property owners found him and called us.

These traps are cruel and are LEGAL in British Columbia. In an attempt to free himself the coyote had even tried to chew off his own leg. We can not imagine the suffering he must have gone through, and we are relieved that we were able to end his pain. To learn what you can do to help ban leg hold traps visit

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