Do You Know What Every Parent of ‘Any Age’ Child Needs Most?

By August 30, 2014Health, Sheryl Stanton RN

By Sheryl Stanton, R.N. Have you ever felt or acted like this mother? Have you ever been so frustrated at your children’s lack of attention or obedience that you have screamed at them? Parental frustration is probably one of the most commonly experienced emotions that parents can feel – no matter how old their children are!

What Are Some of the Negative Emotions That Parents Feel?

Overwhelm Guilt Helplessness Frustration Anxiety Anger Fear Remorse

How Do I Know This? I am the mother of six children; five born within six years. I had four boys, each born sixteen months apart, with the third child being severely handicapped. He required constant nursing care until his death at the age of seven. Then three months later, I was pregnant with our last child. As well, I was the foster mother for three special needs children for five years. I had five teenagers at one time! I know all about parenting stress!

Most of the time, I lived in survival mode. I did the best I knew how but many days, my best was just getting through the day. I never knew what I was doing. When I figured out how to handle the stage my first child was in, she was finished with it and on to another stage. And what worked for her didn’t work for the next child because they were all so different. I can’t tell you the number of times I wished that my children had come with instruction manuals.

So What Do Parents Need? A quick, easy way to reduce their stress – that can be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere – for any reason.

Why Do Parents Need Stress Relief?

You have probably heard of the fight or flight stress response. Your body is preparing to save your life. Unfortunately, it can’t tell the difference between physical danger and emotional stress and will react the same way. When you are stressed, all of the blood is going to your back “survival” brain; not your front “thinking” brain. That means you are not thinking; you are just reacting! You are not responding appropriately to the situation. You are either “fighting”: attacking verbally or physically or you are “flighting”: withdrawing – again, either physically or emotionally. Either way, you are not handling the situation in a positive, productive way.

And, you’re not doing any good. Look at the above picture. Is the daughter listening to her mother? Absolutely not!

What Can Help Parents Reduce Their Stress and Increase Their Effectiveness?

In eight years of research and four years working as a Stress-Relief coach, the most effective Stress Relief tool I’ve found is Emotional Freedom Technique; also called EFT or Tapping. EFT will help you instantly get back your emotional control, so that you will respond appropriately and effectively to any situation you find yourself in. It will also teach you why you are reacting the way you are and how to eliminate the negative emotional triggers that set you off.

Where Can You Learn EFT For Parenting?

A three-hour “Stress-Free Parenting” seminar is being held on Saturday, March 13th from 1 to 4 pm in the theatre room of the Renaissance Retirement Resort at 6676 203rd Ave. Langley. For more information, go to:

If you are not able to attend the seminar, you can still obtain the information at:

Why Would You Attend a Seminar Presented by Me?

My name is Sheryl Stanton. I’ve studied stress relief intensively for over eight years, taking many complementary health and energy therapy courses.

I’m a registered nurse, stress relief coach, author of four stress-relief books and courses, including “Stress-Free Parenting: fact or fiction?”, “the Personal Peace Program”, “Stress-Free? – Me?” and “Work-Stress? – Not a Problem!” I speak on a variety of stress-relief topics to churches, clubs, schools, organizations and businesses. For more information, go to:

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