UPDATED 19/04/13 – When we announced last week that Doreen Jung has been appointed Arts and Culture Editor at Abbotsford Today we didn’t have her email address in the post.

We’ve been having technical difficulties for the last week or so which have mad it difficult to update any of our existing posts but, now that we’ve cleared those hurdles … here’s Doreen’s email address:


As mentioned last week, contributions, photos and press releases should continue to be sent to editor@abbotsfordtoday.ca for formatting and pre-press preparation but feel free to contact Doreen with any of your thoughts, concerns or news.

When Doreen Jung was the Arts Administrator at the Abbotsford Arts Council we asked her if she knew of anyone who could write an occasional column about the arts in Abbotsford.

In her trademark shy and self-deprecating manner, Doreen offered that she would like to try her hand at the job … if that was acceptable.

We warned her that, as a community website that had yet to issue an invoice, we wouldn’t be able to pay her but we could offer a free in-column linked advertisement for her favourite organization by way of payment.

Doreen jumped at the opportunity and immediately chose the Kariton Gallery to adorn the bottom of all of her columns.

We were not only pleased with what Doreen began to submit we were overwhelmed. Her photographic abilities and the detail and depth of her features on local artists and the arts community in Abbotsford have allowed Abbotsford Today to provide the arts community in Abbotsford with unparalleled quality features and stories from a true connoisseur of the arts.

With Doreen’s help we built a whole section of the website devoted to The Artists of Abbotsford.

Doreen Jung, Arts Editor, Abbotsford Today

Doreen Jung, Arts Editor, Abbotsford Today

Her column – The Arts in Abbotsford – has allowed us to provide unprecedented coverage of the arts community and individual artists.

Back in 2010 Doreen contributed a travel story on her trip to the San Juan Islands and, in the process, opened up a whole new aspect to her writing which we were happy to share with our readers in our nascent Travelogues Section.

Doreen has contributed such an important body of work about and for the community of Abbotsford that we are pleased and honoured to announce that Doreen Jung has agreed to take on the responsibilities of Arts and Culture Editor for Abbotsford Today.

As such she will be responsible for the content, the style and the direction of the Arts and Culture section and for maintaining the quality she has been able to bring to the section as a writer, photographer and columnist.
Please join us in congratulating and thanking Doreen for her commitment to the arts in Abbotsford.

Please join us in welcoming and congratulating Doreen Jung as our new Arts Editor.

You can reach Doreen via email at: doreen@todayonlinemedia.com

Contributions, photos and press releases should continue to be sent to editor@abbotsfordtoday.ca for formatting and pre-press preparation.

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