Education News: Two School Calendar Options To Consider

Submitted. Parents and district employees are being surveyed about two options for next year’s school calendar.

The Board served a Notice of Motion that the 2013/14 Local School Calendar will be presented for debate and vote at a regular meeting of the Board on March 12.

They approved a consultation on the two proposed calendar options; one lays out a ‘status quo’ calendar much like the current year’s; the second proposes starting school a week earlier, in the last week of August, and adding days to four holiday weekends: the Fridays of the Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, Family Day and Victoria Day weekends – to create four reading breaks. Both options provide for a two-week spring break.

An online survey is now running on the district website ( at consultations/calendar ); public delegations that wish to express an opinion can register in advance to appear before the Board at its February 26 meeting.

The Board is expected to make a decision on the 2013-2014 calendar at its March 12 Regular meeting.

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