We’ve shuffled things about a little across the bottom of our homepage. Our Explore Abbotsford section has always been tucked away nicely in out Travel section.

We always make sure to run features from it during the summer when most visitors to Abbotsford come by in order to a) provide them with an easy guide to some of the fun things to explore and, b) to provide the same opportunities to residents who may not have explored their own city in while.

We’ve only scratched the surface but you will get a few good ideas for things to do in Abbotsford, day trips, country walks, farm tours …

The link at the bottom of the home page will take you to the section and provides the five top stories in the section.

This is the second change we’ve made to the home page in less than a month (gadzooks). Last month we moved our Directories out from the shadows, buried within the sections of the website and out into the bright sunlight on the right side of the home page.

If there’s something you’re looking for in Abbotsford and you can’t find it in one of our directories … well, I don’t know what we’ll do but except to help you find it (editor@abbotsfordtoday.ca)

So have a look at the Explore Abbotsford section, take a look through our directories and, as always, tell us what you think (good or bad).

Oh … Almost forgot. If you find or know of an undiscovered gem in Abbotsford you’d like to share drop us a line (editor@abbotsfordtoday.ca), use the comments box below or send us a submission through the submissions box at the bottom of the homepage.

Explore Abbotsford

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