By Mike Archer. I’m not sure if the Abbotsford News published my comment on their story as it has refused to publish any comments from me for six years.

While Abbotsford Today has apologized to Lyle Caldwell, as have I personally, for a post which was never intended to be published and which was subsequently taken down, I find it fascinating that the Abbotsford News would choose to regurgitate, in total, a post we took down because we found it offensive. What this has to do with either Vince Dimanno or the AbbotsfordFIRST slate is beyond me.

For the record – a draft of a satirical post was published in error and taken down. We’ve apologized and have dealt with our error in as public a fashion as possible. We didn’t publish an 8pt retraction buried on one of our inside pages, we posted our mistake and apologized for it at the top of our home page.

We have made errors in the past. We will likely make them in the future.

Such is the danger of daring to publish in the internet age. Vince Dimanno did not write the piece, did not have anything to do with publishing the piece and as soon as as he became aware of it he moved to have it taken down. As Managing Editor for Today Media I take full responsibility for the error and I apologize if anyone was offended at a poor attempt at satire.

The attempt to somehow tie this story to the AbbotsfordFIRST slate of candidates, the first group of men and women to show true promise of being able to change politics in Abbotsford in years, and set us in a new direction is absurd.

Pillory me for my lack of judgement in allowing an offensive bit of satire to be published. Leave the men and women of AbbotsfordFIRST out of this.

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