FVWS Spring Show Runs Til Friday


Oh, where did the chickens go?

I found them at the Clearbrook Library in a delightful painting by Linda Archambault.  For me, the scene evoked the innocence of childhood and the pleasure of a sunny day.

The Fraser Valley Watercolour Society is a group of artists who share the love and joy of watercolour painting.

In their 24th Annual Spring Show they celebrate the magic of their art with an exuberance of colour and evocative imagery.

 Right Photo:  Oh Where did the chickens go?  by Linda Archambault


At the opening reception, FVWS President Irene Enns welcomed visitors to the show.

Memories of El Camino by Carol Portree

Memories of El Camino by Carol Portree

“It is an honour and a privilege to have this opportunity,” said Enns.

“To showcase the many everyday life experiences which inspire artists to create unique and individual expressions of the world around them through their paintings.”

Choice Berry by Marilynn Vooys

Choice Berry by Marilynn Vooys




This year’s Award of Excellence recipient, Marilynn Vooys shared her inspiration for her awarding winning painting, “Choice Berry”.

The scene was one from her own backyard.  “I managed to see a robin with a berry in its mouth,” describes Vooys.  “And I thought, I have to get this.”

The challenge for her in this painting was to get the berries to look real; to pop.

It took effort for me to resist the temptation to reach out and pluck a juicy berry from her image.

Vooys met her challenge with show stopping success!


Remembering Tuscany by Pat Maertz

Remembering Tuscany by Pat Maertz

Remembering Tuscany inspired Pat Maertz to paint the scene that received the 2013 Artists’ Choice Award.

She has taken two vacations in Tuscany, and her experiences and memories of the beautiful countryside provided her

with ideas and images for her art.

“I am really thrilled to have won this prize because I think this show is one of the best,” commented Maertz.

“Every year it gets better.”

French Vanilla by Gerry Thompson

French Vanilla by Gerry Thompson


The Spring Show featured three award winning artists from 2012:  Anne White who received the Artists’ Choice Award, Barry Morris, recipient of the Award of Excellence, and Gerry Thompson who received the People’s Choice Award for “French Vanilla”.

Thompson has taught several workshops in France.  While she was in Revel, France, she visited an outdoor market where she saw the subject of her painting.

“The beautiful reflected light and the subtle shadows cast on the delicate fabrics caught my attention.”


FVWS founding member, Gwen Gregorig officially opened the Spring Show.  “I am very proud of all the members,” said Gregorig.  “Over the years, their skills have grown substantially.” 

The paintings at the show all have stories behind them.  Artists step into a special world when they create their images.  At the FVWS Spring Show, visitors get to experience this world too.

Stages by Cheryl Shaw

Stages by Cheryl Shaw

To learn more about the Fraser Valley Watercolour Society, visit www.fvwatercolours.com.

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    Hello Doreen:

    Thank you for your feature on the Fraser Valley Watercolour Society’s 24th year. I really think you did an excellent job; I love your photographs and how beautifully the “Featured Artists” were presented.

    Again, thank you for your excellent coverage. It is appreciated so very much.

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