Gibson, Plecas Break With BC Liberals Over Gravel

By Mike Archer. Mike de Jong should have given Simon Gibson and Darryl Plecas their speaking notes before letting them talk to the public in this election campaign.

Both candidates told the residents of Sumas Mountain Tuesday night they would oppose any further gravel mining on Sumas Mountain.

They clearly didn’t get the memo.

Everybody knows that when the mining industry ran into trouble in their attempts to grind the mountains north of Pitt Meadows into dust (the local First Nations people were threatening to make it difficult) the BC Liberals agreed to give Sumas Mountain to the gravel industry.

The BC Liberals and the BC Gravel industry go back a long way together.

BC Liberal Darryl Plecas

BC Liberal Darryl Plecas

BC Liberal Simon Gibson

BC Liberal Simon Gibson

And so, under successive Liberal cabinet ministers like Mike de Jong, John Les and Randy Hawes as well as hopeful, wishful, wannabe Liberal municipal politicians like Abbotsford’s Lexus Environmentalist Patty Ross and Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz, Sumas Mountain has basically been turned over, lock, stock, and barrel to BC’s gravel industry.

And so, thanks to the BC Liberals, the BC Gravel industry has its very own giant above-ground gravel pit right in the center of the Fraser Valley – Liberal country. If you take a drive, before May 14, from Mission to Deroche and on up to Agassiz you’ll get the full view of what Sumas Mountain looks like thanks to the BC Liberals.

But then, I guess since Liberals are going to be in opposition as of May 14, they can let newcomers like Tweedeldee and Tweedledum promise anything they want.

Neither one of them seems to have figured their role in the Mike de Jong universe. Being Groom of the Stool does not leave a lot of latitude for having ones own opinion. They should really learn to either pay attention to the memos or remember to ask Mike what their opinion is before expressing.

Are Liberals Really Basing Their Election Hopes On Tweedledee And Tweedledum?

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  • Wendy Bales says:

    This is certainly a major switch for Simon since he has always supported the Aggregate Pilot Project which will help to rubber stamp Gravel expansion on Sumas Mountain. But then he also changed his stand on Harm Reduction. I wonder what stand he will take after the election?

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