Health Risks Of Pipeline Spill Troubling

From Lynn Perrin. This may be useful info for the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) Board. I also strongly urge the City of Abbotsford to seriously consider submitting an Intervenor application as well.

I have been reviewing the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain expansion
application re health risks from the dilutents aka PAHs and VOCs in the
current Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline and proposed expansion.

Pretty troubling when the scenario uses a 1 hour exposure and we know from
NEB report of the Jan 2012 spill at the Sumas Tank Farm there was a 6 hour
exposure to residents of the Auguston area.

FVRD Board Members representing the residents of Abbotsford;

Here is the link from the application to report ESA – Socio-economic
Technical Reports: (pdf 19mb)
•Agricultural Assessment
•Screening Level Human Health Risk Assessment of Pipeline and Facilities
•Community Health

I suggest that you review it. See pages 3-24 3-31
3-35 3-39 5-1* 5-2* 5-5

Notes say that there was no cumulative case discussed for Sumas Terminal

Lynn Perrin BGS MPP
FairAll Consulting



I have attached a Dec. 2013 report from Alberta in which there is a
reference to an EU report (link below). The serious / fatal health risks
from benzene have been known for decades. The EU report discusses the US
Supreme Court decision re the role of employers to protect their workers
from occupational hazards such as benzene which is relevant to the City of
Abbotsford’s first responders.

Lessons learned from early warnings

Chapter 4 Benzene

Two years ago we had a spill at the Kinder Morgan Sumas Tank Farm. Here is
a reminder to Council of what the public is concerned about:



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