You Have Helped Give The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift

By May 8, 2014Community News

By Caroline Archer. First of all, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who donated to this cause so very close to my heart. Together, we have done it!
And on the day before Mother’s Day, there was no finer gift than to tell Yvette that her life is about to change for the better, simply because so many people cared!

Yvette said: “Thank you so very much to all our TG suporters for reaffirming why I do what I do. You have given me purpose and joy back into my life. I humbly thank you. I so commit to living up to your expectations. Pictures soon of my new and improved Air Bud!”

As we get pictures, we will share them with you here as well.

Thank you, you’ve done great! And you have proven once again that when good gets together, there ain’t nothing we can’t accomplish!


May 8, 2014. When you have the opportunity to help someone you greatly admire, you simply DO IT!
So this is my opportunity to help Yvette be free so she can breathe easy and move around the way we take for granted.
I hope you will help me in supporting this great cause.

For those of you who don’t know her, Yvette Labatte is the manager/co-owner of Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue up in Topley, BC. She is mom to the dogs she takes in, rehabs and gets ready for loving forever homes. She’s also our ‘momma Yvette’.
Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue truly is the last resort for dogs who were shot before in annual culls. Now, due to Yvette’s patience, love and commitment to them, they find forever loving homes all around the Lower Mainland.
Yvette’s son Stan drives the dogs to the Lower Mainland several times a year, in the famous to us ‘Dog Run’ and delivers them to carefully screened adoptive families.

Yvette is one of those people who will never ask for anything for herself. She’s just not like that.
And while that is ok, when some of us who volunteer for Turtle Gardens Animal Rescue found out that Yvette was having major problems with her oxygen supply, something she needs on a 24 hour basis, if she wants to live and breathe, and STILL, Yvette did not ask for help, we decided to step in.

Our hearts are full, our hands are willing, but our pocket books, like everyone else out there, don’t have the kind of money that is needed to get Yvette an oxygen concentrator that she can easily carry around with her.

So I took a deep breath, and created this campaign. I only created this yesterday and am humbled by the support we’ve received thus far. But we need more in order to reach our goal.

My husband and son asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day. And I only know of one thing: Oxygen for Yvette. Yvette does what I could never do, be the angel for so many otherwise doomed dogs, not only that but she has also spearheaded a spay/neuter campaign, worked on trust with the First Nations communities in the area and thanks to Yvette, while there are still a lot of dogs who need her safe haven (portal as I like to call it), the numbers have gone down quite a bit BECAUSE of Yvette’s persistence.

She is the ultimate mother to these animals, the one who keeps them safe. The one who finds them hope. And most of us mothers can relate to this, she’ll put her charges before herself time and time again.

This time we won’t let that happen. All that is Yvette, CAN NOT continue without proper oxygen. She will die.

So please go here, donate a few dollars and help us reach our goal before Mother’s Day so that we can go out and purchase Yvette her much needed 4LB Oxygen Concentrator. I can’t imagine having to wait for money in order to breathe and so I’m asking you to help make this happen in a very short time.

Here is the link.

I promise to do an update once we’ve reached our goal and her concentrator has been bought.
And anyone reading this who can offer a great deal at a friendly price, please contact me through the editor of this publication.

Bless you.


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