An all-too-typical situation has arisen which threatens to put a vulnerable woman on the streets of Abbotsford.

Teneille Horning has been evicted from her apartment but has nowhere to go. Her landlord told Ministry officials, when they phoned, that she no longer lived at the address to which they send her cheques so her monthly welfare cheque was cancelled.

She has no money and nowhere to go.

In addition she suffers from Schizophrenia and may have difficulty being accepted to any of Abbotsford’s medium or high barrier shelters due to the behaviours she may exhibit if she misses taking her meds.

This is exactly the kind of situation which emerges regularly in Abbotsford sending people onto the street since they have nowhere to turn.

Today Media is publishing her situation in the hopes that the Salvation Army, The 5 and 2 Ministries, MCC, Communitas or any of the more proactive organizations or individuals in the community can step in to help her.

If you are able to help please use the comment box below to get in touch, or send us a confidential email at Tenille’s address will be given out at our discretion to those who can help.

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