In 1910 We Had Over $6,000 In The Bank

By September 7, 2013Snapshots Of Our Past

In September of 1910 the City of Matsqui had $6,338.86 in the bank and a pool in its future. Now we owe millions and we closed the pool they built for themselves ’cause we couldn’t afford to maintain it. It’s called progress.

For more Abbotsford headlines from September 9, 1910 read the Abbotsford Post edition below.

With the help of the University of British Columbia Library’s Digital Initiatives we will be providing a glimpse into our past by occasionally publishing pages from the old Abbotsford Post.

*The Abbotsford Post was published in Abbotsford, in the Fraser Valley from 1910 to 1924. The Post was published and edited by John Alexander Bates, and it was the first paper targeted specifically at the Abbotsford area. The paper has since been bought and sold a number of times.

A more recent version of the Abbotsford Post, owned by Corvus Publishing was published in 2005 and 2006 before being purchased by Canwest and shut down several weeks later.

The snapshots of our past we feature in this section are from the years 1910-1924.

*Pages from the old Abbotsford Post are from the Historical Newspapers site at UBC library and the
reproductions are made possible by UBC Library.

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Sept 9, 1910 Headlines:

Matsqui Council
Correspondence: From the Canadian Bank of Commerce acknowledging deposits amounting to $6,338.86 on the municipal account and $1,019.05 on the school account.

Brutal Murder
The surrounding district including Abbotsford have been shocked at the brutal murder committed at Clayburn Tuesday last.

On Thursday morning bloohounds were placed on the scent but up to the hour of going to press no trace of the murderer had been found.

Accidentally Killed
William Arnold, a logger for the Abbotsford Timber and Trading Company was killed on Wednesday afternoon by a tree falling on him.

Maple Grove Items
Mr. Roy Hartnell was home last week for a few days visit to his parents.

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Sept 9 Abbotsford Post 1910

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