Integrated Arts Review Complete

From the District #34 Newsletter. With its Boundary Review now complete, the district has issued a final report on the Integrated Arts Review.

In October 2012, the Board began a review of the Integrated Arts program to consider program and facility issues in order to help determine future needs and ensure sustainability of the integrated arts schools.

In fall 2013, the review was put on hold while the Board began work on a more comprehensive review of school boundaries around the entire district and looked at issues from a demographic perspective.

Throughout both reviews, no reasonable or emerging solutions for the demographic or facility issues at ASIA North Poplar materialized.

Thus, continued enrolment management will best assist in providing a temporary solution for facility related issues. The district will continue to consider reasonable options to address facility needs at ASIA North Poplar, provided they are consistent with the principles in the district’s Long Term Facilities Plan.

For ASIA Sumas Mountain, matters relating to program and facility needs will continue to be monitored and improved where possible. Program issues will be managed through the Superintendent’s Office through regular monitoring. As funds become available, the district will attempt to assist with modest facility improvements.

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