Keep That New Year’s Resolution

By December 30, 2016Lifestyles & Leisure

Submitted. Each January, many Canadians set new fitness goals only to fail a few
weeks or month later. How frustrating is that? What if there is a way to get fit and stay fit?

We at Sporty Buddy Inc, based in Prince George, have built an app to find
Workout Buddies nearby. We believe that you can only stay active in the
long run if you have a friend to motivate you and keep you accountable.
The app is called 5F (Find Fit Friends. For Free.).

App Features:
– Over 100 different activities to choose from
– 4 different skill levels including “Want to try” beside “Beginner”,
“Intermediate” and “Expert” to encourage everybody to be more active
– Discover new people based on age, gender, sport and location

The app is absolutely free and always will be. For iOS only at this point.


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