Klippenstein Proposes ADBA Support Sign

From facebook. Dale Klippenstein has proposed an image which members of the Abbotsford Downtoan Business Association (ADBA) who support the 20-bed supportive housing proposal of the City of Abbotsford, Abbotsford Community Services (ACS) and BC Housing might want to put in the store windows.

See the full image below.

Dale Klippenstein
I have an idea for the downtown merchants that want to make a statement in support of the 20 bed facility. Just a simple sign in the front window. I’ll make them up for anyone that wants one N/C. I’ve included a simple version but I’m open to other ideas. That kind of takes away the argument of who’s onboard and who isn’t.

Dale Klippenstein

Dale Klippenstein

Dale Klippenstein is the former president of the ADBA and spoke out passionately against the ADBA Executive’s position opposing the facility.

20 ADBA Signenstein

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