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From Abbotsford Minor Hockey. Coaches – don’t miss out on attending Coach Certification clinics hosted by AMHA. Visit www.bchockey.net to register today.

Coaching (NCCP), Officiating (HCOP) and Safety (HCSP) clinic registration is completed online by way of Hockey Canada E-Hockey. Delegates create an E-Hockey account, and then register for their desired clinic. E-Hockey accounts are a one-time setup and will recognize each member only by their email address (note: family members will need to use separate email accounts).


Users need to create an E-Hockey account using a unique email address for the username. It cannot be the same as any other family member may have used.

Access your E-Hockey Account. Complete all steps to create the E-Hockey account.

To register for a Coaching Clinic, CLICK HERE.

To register for an Officiating Clinic, CLICK HERE.

To register for a HCSP Clinic, CLICK HERE.

To register for Respect in Sport, CLICK HERE.

How to Request to Host a Clinic Video     How to Register for a Clinic Video

For complete information regarding the registration process for any clinic, please see below.

Hockey University

This engaging, interactive online platform provides the baseline of information you need as you start on your path to rewarding new experiences, and it’s all done at your convenience wherever you access the Internet.  Hockey University programs are completed online using any PC or MAC based computer and offer the following benefits:


  • No travel or entire weekends away from home to complete the training
  • Effective cost management for yourself and your hockey organization
  • The convenience of completing programs on your schedule
  • Instant credit for program completion and recognition of your qualification applied directly to your HCR profile
  • Numerous handouts and additional resources you can access and print as often as you like or need
  • Post completion access to review lessons and sharpen your skills

Programs using the Hockey University are:

  • For the 2014-2015 season, all BC Hockey participants NEW to officiating will be required to complete the online Hockey University (HU) Officiating 1/2 course prior to registering face a face-to-face HCOP clinic.  This program is completed in 2 parts.  In Part A, you complete the online program.  In Part B, you will spend time with a master referee for a comprehensive in class session.  CLICK HERE to register for Hockey University Officiating 1/2
  • Coach Hybrid (HU – Community Coach).    The program is delivered in two parts.  In Part A, you complete the online program.  In Part B, you attend classroom sessions as well as lace up, step on the ice and put what you learned to work. The Coaching Code of Ethics, Skills, Drills and Thrills, Dealing with Athletes, Dealing with Parents, and the Philosophy of Coaching are just some of the topics covered in Part A of the program.
  • HU – Safety (Hockey Canada Safety Program). Clinics are now available ONLY as an on-line E-Learning course.  This program is a great introduction to team safety, injury recognition and important information for anyone who wishes to be a team Safety Person.   From the Fair Play Code and Code of Ethics, to Safety at the Rink, Injury Management and the Emergency Action Plan, this program gives you the information and confidence needed to be the go to person on your team for health, wellness, injury recognition as well as safe and proper recovery and return to play procedures.


LEVEL 1’s (aged 12 to 15 years) AND THOSE NEW TO OFFICIATING (aged 16 years and up) receive certification in a blended model requiring the completion of both an online E-Learning Course and attendance at a face to face clinic.  The E-Learning Course must be completed prior to attending the clinic!

Registration Process

Search Search available clinics via Hockey Canada E-Hockey
Register Register for the face to face clinic of your choice: Officiating Level 1 or Officiating – New Adult Referee.

In some cases, you may have received a link to register for a private clinic sent from your association.

Complete Once you have registered and paid for the face to face clinic, you will receive two (2) emails to the email address you used to register.  Please make sure your email address is correct.  Your link to Hockey Canada E-Learning modules will be in one (1) email and the second email is your receipt.

E-Learning Modules

  • The E-Learning modules will take approximately 3.0 hours to complete
  • Delegates pay for both the e-learning modules and the face to face clinic in one payment. A receipt is emailed to delegates upon payment.



Coach Hybrid

The Hybrid course is offered as a blended model, with modules offered via E-Learning and, once completed, a face to face clinic. Delegates are qualified after both e-learning and the face to face clinic components are satisfied.

Registration Process

Search Search the E-Learning Clinic via Hockey Canada E-Hockey.

The course is called HU – Comm Coach Stream

Register Register for the e-learning course
Complete Complete the e-learning course.

Upon completion, you are now set for the face to face clinic.  Since the e-learning course is a pre-requisite, you will not be eligible to register until the e-learning modules are complete.

Register Register for the Hybrid Clinic of your choice via Hockey Canada E-Hockey.

The course is called Coach – Hybrid (CHKG)

Complete Complete the face to face clinic.

Upon completion, you are now qualified.

E-Learning Process

  • The e-learning modules will take approximately 4.5 hours to complete
  • Delegates pay for both the e-learning modules and the face to face clinic in one payment. A receipt is emailed to delegates upon payment.

Development 1

The Development 1 course remains as a clinic based program. To register for a Development 1 clinic CLICK HERE.

Hockey Canada Safety Program

All HCSP clinics are now available ONLY as an on-line E-Learning course.  Face to face HCSP clinics are no longer offered by BC Hockey.

  • On-line payment will be required to complete the registration process and entre the E-Learning modules.  The clinic is called HU-Safety.
  • The entire HCSP curriculum is on-line including 18 modules of one minute to 18 minutes in duration.  The total estimated completion time is 3.5 to 4.0 hours.
  • The delegates’ HCR record is updated immediately upon completion of the course
  • Once a delegate has completed the E-Learning course they have access to the course contents and handout material for five (5) years

More information on Hockey Canada Safety Programs

Respect in Sport

Respect in Sport is designed as a tool to assist in identifying and dealing with abuse, neglect, harassment and bullying in sport.  The on-line course curriculum is broken into six (6), 30 minute modules and includes audio/visual presentations, quizzes and printable handouts.

CLICK HERE for more information about RiS.

Easy Access Links

Coaching (NCCP) Officiating (HCOP) Safety (HCSP) Respect in Sport (Speak Out!) Hosting a Clinic
Register for a coaching clinic


Register for an officiating clinic


Register for a HU- Safety


Register for Respect in Sport


Request to host a clinic


Which coach level should I sign up for?(Coaching Course Options)


Which officiating level should I sign up for?(Officiating Levels Summary)


HCSP Information


Respect in Sport (Speak Out!) Information and FAQ


Clinic Host Guidelines(PDF)


Online Clinic Registration Instructions (PDF)


Online clinic registration instructions (PDF)


Online clinic registration instructions (PDF)


User Instructions (PDF) Clinic Process – Host Association (PDF)



If you have questions, please contact your MHA or BC Hockey at clinics@bchockey.net or 250.652.2978.

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