Mission Councillors’ Tirade Against George Evens Was Uncalled For

By October 30, 2013Letters, Pop Voice

Dear Editor. It was with disgust that I witnessed an unprovoked, despicable, venomous ad hominem tirade directed at Mr George Evens, by Councillor Stevens , but acquiesced in by others directly following Mr.Evens’ delegation concerning ” The Humane Treatment of Dogs and Cats”.

From the outset of the presentation Councillors seemed to be consumed by visceral hatred towards Mr.Evens, except for Councillor Tilbury, who spoke in his defence, before being ruled out of order by the Mayor. This chastisement clearly demonstrated that there is an inconsistent application of rules of order, depending whether one is a foe or friend of the City Hall establishment.

The whole proceeding was very distasteful, especially as it followed a Remembrance Ceremony during which the Mayor commemorated those who died in
Wars defending freedoms, including the right to freedom of speech and opinions. I found this both ironic and sanctimonious in the extreme.

Anyone who gives a delegation or presentation to Council deserves respect and courtesy, especially when the matter concerns the less fortunate as in this case, cats and dogs, and not be subjected to bullying, belittlement,and interrogation, ad nauseum.

The “Don’t Anger Me” Mayor suggested that Mr.Evens apologise to Councillor Nundal, which was truly mystifying, as it was absolutely clear to me that Council should have apologised to Mr.Evens.

As so few people were there to hear Mr.Evens’ delegation I suggest interested persons view the videoed proceedings,at “Council Meeting Highlights” on Mission’s webcast for verification.

Jeanette Smith

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  • rontaylor says:

    Despite many differences with Jeanette Smith over the years I have to say there is truth in what she wrote. George Evens did and said nothing to justify his verbal beating. Perhaps the roots can be found especially in Councillor Hensman view of animals. His series of tasteless comments including stray cats being an “all you can eat buffet for coyotes” gives a clue to his real motivation. He wears his religion on his sleeve it is a pity his compassion doesn’t reach his heart. He is certainly no St Francis of Assissi!

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