Moe Gill Slams Liberal Record On Mental Health

Submitted. Moe Gill, Independent candidate for Abbotsford West, held a Press Conferenceon Thursday May 9th at 3:00pm at the Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre to announce his plans to deal with mental health in British Columbia. In attendance was the Shaminder Brar Family.

This week is Mental Health week in British Columbia. Moe Gill spoke to the recent cuts to Mental Health Care Services by the BC Liberal Government. Also speaking was:

Ken Peterson – Mr. Peterson, former Federal Corrections Warden, addressed the costs to society with respect to lack of funding and how new funding can be recovered through a decrease in inmate costs.

The Brar Family

The Brar Family

James Breckenridge – Mr. Breckenridge, community advocate, spoke about the numbers of people of with Mental Health challenges that are homeless and the difficulties they have in accessing services. Additionally, Mr. Breckenridge addressed the costs of providing services in the Emergency Room and how effective Mental Health funding will result in a net cost benefit to taxpayers.

Moe Gill – Mr. Gill spoke about how his personal involvement with the Shaminder Brar case has inspired him to further action. Mr. Gill will presented a proposal for a re-organization of the delivery of mental health services through the formation of a separate agency (similar to the BC Cancer Agency).

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