Municipal Politics: MacLeans 2, Banman 0

We’re No 1 … Again (You can’t make this stuff up). For the 2nd year in a row we made MacLean’s No 1 spot and Mayor Banman is disputing their choice

MacLean Magazine has once again given Abbotsford it’s number one spot in its annual list of ‘The 99 stupidest things the government did with your money.’

Last year we won because of George Peary’s Deal to have his friends and neighbours cover the losses of the Calgary Flames farm team for ten years.

This year it is the $115,000 bailout for the Ledgeview Golf Course – Abbotsford’s Sodom on Sumas – where the well-heeled and well-connected of Abbotsford used to congregate and the bar somehow managed to lose money.

Word has it we’ve already got the inside track on next year’s No 1 position since MacLean’s has heard about the City’s plan to give $17.5 Million to the YMCA.

Mayor Bruce Banman, looking like a defiant rake defending his girlfriend’s sullied reputation as a virgin, was featured on the cover on the Abbotsford Times website Thursday disputing MacLean’s choice.
Banman cutline

Abbotsford Times photo of an indignant Bruce Banman standing by the Sodom on Sumas sign.

Abbotsford Times photo of an indignant Bruce Banman standing by the Sodom on Sumas sign.

Said The Times, “Banman also observed Maclean’s failed to note that several Canadian cities, including Vancouver, have recently infused much more cash than Abbotsford to preserve public golf courses for the community.”

He’s sounding more and more like Dave Loewen every day …

‘We weren’t the stupidest … Vancouver was stupider than we were.’

Pssst Bruce … Vancouver is bigger than Abbotsford.

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  • Meghann says:

    Derp 2.0?

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

    I guess this could be viewed as inspirational to those who are bad at math and have poor judgement. No worries, C students of the Canada. You can always get a job running Abbotsford.

  • Remember when MacLean Magazine declared Quebec to be the most corrupt province in Canada?

    Oh, the howls of rage, the protestations, the ‘righteous’ indignation.

    Turns out they were right on the money, with their courageous exposure of the massive fraud in municipal contract deals.

    Maybe Macleans is also right about Abbotsford.

  • Meghann Coughlan says:

    I love the ‘but, but, but… Vancouver was stupider than I was!’

    It’s not “well, I disagree and here is why…” it’s “sure, I’m an idiot, but look at this BIGGER idiot”

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