New Lights At Mill Lake Park Explained

By March 24, 2014Community News

Submitted. Residents who have been enjoying the longer days of spring and walking Mill Lake Park in the evening may have noticed the addition of a dozen lit buoys floating in the lake.

The buoys have been installed as part of the City of Abbotsford’s Canada goose population control program. According to Environment Canada, numbers of Canada geese have increased dramatically in abundance and geographic distribution during recent decades. Most regional surveys show that Canada goose numbers are either increasing or stable, but overall they are at unprecedented numbers. It is estimated that there are at least 7 million Canada Geese present in North America.

The lights in Mill Lake are solar powered, flashing amber LED lights that act to discourage the geese from nesting by disrupting their roosting patterns at night.

For more information about Canada geese populations visit Environment Canada’s website.

For information about the City of Abbotsford goose population control program, please contact the Parks, Recreation & Culture Department at 604-859-3134.

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