Overheard: More Senior Staff Given Notice

We were told that City Manager George Murray, has told a number of senior people at the City of Abbotsford that their positions will become redundant in a year’s time. Basically, they are being given 12 months notice.

Murray told Today that, in including the ten original lay offs last June there are a total of 17 positions being reduced.

When asked about the reports, Murray told Today, “As you are aware, the City provided lay-off notices to 10 staff earlier this year. All of these staff were provided with working notice based on their years of service. This period of time was provided in part to assist the staff in finding alternate employment as well as to complete the projects they were working on. To date, a number of our staff who were laid off have found new jobs to go to.”

“Subsequent to the lay-offs earlier this year, we have also eliminated a number of positions through attrition (i.e. not replacing a position when it became vacant). I believe at last count that the City has now reduced, or has slated for reduction, a total of seventeen (17) positions including the original ten (10) positions laid-off.

“As we near the completion of the Core Services Review, the City is simultaneously continuing to work on initiatives to make the City more efficient and effective. We are very cognizant of the need to maintain or even improve the City’s service levels as we continue to review our staffing levels. I am very proud of the hardworking staff at the City and how they are continuously working to improve service, while keeping costs in line.”

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