Will Patty Ross Support Sharon Gaetz’s Toxic Waste Facility

By February 12, 2014From The Cheap Seats

Citizens living downriver from Chilliwack are wondering when Abbotsford’s environmentalist councillor, Patty Ross, is going to stand up and protect them from Chilliwack Mayor Sharon Gaetz’s proposed toxic waste facility.

Now that people inside the Fraser Valley media bubble know that, “Sharon Gaetz and Patricia Ross are laughed at in political circles, particularly in Metro Vancouver where the politicians do not want to deal with them,” over their on-again/off-again lip service to the environmental movement, it is with bated breath that everyone who pays attention such trivialities is waiting to find out where Patty stands on Sharon’s plans for a toxic waste facility up river from Abbotsford.

Both Patricia and Sharon have been furiously fighting the air which Vancouver intends to clear of diesel fumes and replace with reduced fumes from an incinerator which will convert waste to energy instead of piling it into semi-trailers and driving it through the Fraser Valley to a dump in the interior which has hired former FVRD Chair, Chilliwack Mayor, and Cabinet Minster John Les to represent them.

The fact that the science is against their position; they have no political or legal influence over the decision; and the fact that senior levels of government look upon them with apparent derision, has not stopped the two from trying to parlay their pseudo-environmentalism into local votes.

Both politicians, who have allowed the gravel industry to run roughshod over environmentally sensitive areas and the wholesale destruction of Sumas Mountain by gravel companies, are now faced with defending the decision by Gaetz to rush a toxic waste facility through the approval process thereby avoiding public scrutiny or discussion with neighbouring communities.

Those who enjoy watching the comedy inherent in the Patty and Sharon Show are anxiously awaiting Patti’s announcement that she is in full support of Sharon’s toxic waste facility which, when an accident inevitably happens will send the toxic waste downriver to Abbotsford.

Abbotsford environmentalists are anxiously awaiting Patty’s expected admission that, just like Sharon, she never really was an environmentalist either.

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