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By October 10, 2014Municipal Politics

By Gerda Peachey. The number of candidates running for Abbotsford city council has now passed 25, so our city will soon look like Vancouver after a hockey riot … littered and junky.

Now given that sticking signs on every inch of public space, is expensive, the decision not to, is easy for me.

IF I had lots of money, and a lot of friends willing to get out there and plaster the city with ‘Vote for Peachey’ signs,…… what would that communicate about me, or my qualifications to be at the council table? Well, I suggest that littering the city with hundreds of signs, all saying nothing of substance, conveys nothing meaningful about me, or any other candidate, for that matter.

So I’ll use this internet medium. Anyone who feels there is merit in my run for council, please feel free to pass these posts along to others.

On a recent rockhounding trip to Princeton, a friend asked me to explain to him how my Christian faith would reflect on issues before council. As we bounced down the mountain in his jeep, it became obvious that he and his friends thought I would at once set about to shut down the pubs, stop Sunday shopping, and decree an end to FUN!

Well it really was fun to have that discussion. So I will attempt to repeat here, the gist of our rocky-road talk.

I’m running for council because I really like politics. From my reading, and listening to people from other countries, I am convinced that our system of governance, while imperfect is wonderful. Democracy is under attack and cannot be assumed to just stick around because we’ve enjoyed its benefits for such a long time.

In 2005 Abbotsford’s election was tainted by some awful third-world election tampering, something no one dared to touch for fear of being labelled racist.

Lynn Perrin and I fought to restore our voting system back to this tried and (mostly) true system of voting within your own grid, rather than the ‘voting at large’, that made election fraud in Abbotsford, as easy as falling off a log.

But Abbotsford is plagued by some systemic problems, that no mayor or councils have really dared to address, and again it is the spectre of ‘racism’ that paralyzes our leaders from simply enforcing their own by-laws across the board, or re-writing those laws, or scraping those by-laws for all of us.

The issue of ‘economic development’ looms large ahead of us. Bruce Banman is determined to drive through with an even more disastrous policy, whereby the city engages in big business ventures, using money extracted from private citizens, who must work to pay taxes, so that people like Mr. Banman can then use that big tax bag to play at being a big business player. Only he is not equipt to do so, nor the councillors or city staff. None of those people have enough skin in the game to be trusted with the publics money. Only the folk with business savvy, with the expertise, who are willing to invest their own lives and money to make a business succeed, only those folk should run for-profit business ventures. It is for government not to impede them, not to get in the way of legitimate companies who generate jobs and wealth.

City Hall should stick to our communal needs, the water, sewer, roads, parks, police, pools, etc. ….. and skating rinks,…….. rinks that are designed and built for the use and enjoyment of our local children and adults, not for the profit of billionaire professional hockey team owners.

I watched as Bruce Banman attempted to denigrate councillor Henry Braun, when Braun asked the questions one would expect that all of the other councillors should have been curious enough to ask, on more than one occasion. Council meetings like a pack of dogs willing to follow their ‘alpha’.

But thanks to Henry Braun, Abbotsford did not give a cool $17.5 million dollars, from an empty kitty, to the YMCA. Thanks to this courageous man, we did not give free land and a guarantee of 40 plus years of a tax-free ride to the very wealthy business called the YMCA. Thanks to him, we do not have a government subsidized outfit competing for free-enterprise business.

Just for having the guts to stand alone against the lap-dog mentality prevalent at city hall, Henry Braun gets my vote.

Abbotsford does not need one mayor, and eight rubber-stamps, nor does it need a SLATE of 5 candidates for council. A slate completely destroys the possibility of having NINE thinking, researching, courageous and quality leaders.

On any matter before council, a slate vote of 5 would automatically win all votes. So much for having 9 distinct voices to represent all of this diverse city, and its needs.

Back to the burning questions my friend posed, and my answers to him.

Federal, provincial and municipal government is ‘secular’ government. Were I to be a councillor my absolute conviction that God is, and that He cares about our lives on earth would definitely impact my decision making. Being a genuine believer in Christ implies that everything I do be done to the glory of God. Is that a bad thing?

Well no. I just wish I could live the Christian life on a higher plane.

Imagine what government would look like if all elected politicians kept their promises, never lied, never cheated, put in a full days work,…cared more about others than themselves. Imagine civil servants who believed that “The love of money is the root of all evil.” Imagine politicians who displayed genuine humility.

The possibilities are breath-taking. Unfortunately, whether I get elected or not, I can only aspire to live the ideal Christian life.

And no, contrary to the persistent rumours, I have never picketed taboo sex-shows, or bawdy pubs. I do draw the line at skank coming to our publicly-owned Tradex and AESC, (now called Abbotsford Centre). In short government is about secular, communal needs, it is not church, mosque or synagogue. But if I say I believe in God, I had better try to live in the light of his word, no matter where I am.

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  • Claudia Evens says:

    Go get em Gerda! I wish we had several people with your common sense and decency running here in Mission. There hasn’t been a decent mayor here in Mission since Kevin Redl in the very early 90’s. Good Luck!

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