Plecas Stands By His Boss On BC Rail Scandal

By Mike Archer. Political newcomer Darryl Plecas stood by his boss, Mike de Jong, and defended the BC Liberal Party on the BC Rail scandal this week.

At an all-candidates meeting in Abbotsford, Plecas, who was parachuted in to the Abbotsford South riding over the objections of the local riding association, responded to a question Another question about his ability and willingness to get at the truth about the BC Rail Scandal.

Specifically the question was about Abbotsford West incumbent MLA Mike de Jong’s decision to pay $6 million in legal fees for Dave Basi and Bobby Virk’s who admitted guilt in the scandal.

Plecas avoided the question by talking about Christy Clark

Independent candidate John van Dongen offered that Mike de Jong’s decision to pay the legal bills of criminals with taxpayer funds was still under review.

“The Auditor General’s report is still coming out, Darryl, and you will see that the reality of that decision is not what the government and the minister said it was. There is some serious issues there,said Van Dongen according to the Abbotsford News.”


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