Porta Potties For The Homeless

Ryan Morris

Ryan Morris

Chilliwack resident Ryan Morris has been working with the homeless for awhile now, on a purely volunteer basis, and he is trying to raise funds in order to buy one or two porta potties for those who have nowhere to live and nowhere to go to the bathroom.

He has started a fundraising drive for the porta potties.

The website to collect donations is here.

Ryan can be reached at dansemuzikdj@gmail.com should anyone have any questions or concerns. He says his fundraising drive will be ongoing with the porta potties being the test to figure out possible obstacles. As the program progresses, a permanent structure will be built to replace the porta potties. “We need a location where we can set them up and get all necessary permits the city requires. We are also hoping to partner up with a registered charity to assist us with any red tape we might encounter until such time as we can be registered on our own,” he says.

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