Project Aimed At Reducing Traffic Congestion Near The Aldergrove/Lynden Border Crossing

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Submitted.Providing community residents and businesses with modern, reliable and sustainable public infrastructure opens doors to good jobs, helps create economic growth and fosters a strong middle class, and provides opportunities for a better quality of life for everyone.

The Governments of Canada and British Columbia (B.C.) today announced a joint commitment of approximately $25.5 million to widen Highway 13
from 8th Avenue to 0 Avenue supporting border enhancements the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) has recently implemented at the
Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing.

The Government of Canada is committing just over $10 million through the Building Canada Fund and the B.C. government is committing $15.5
million towards the project.

This project will reduce traffic congestion, facilitate better and more streamlined Canada/United States border access for all traffic, and mitigate the impact of border crossing activities on the local road system. As local development in the area continues to grow, along with growth in cross-border activity, there is a need for additional capacity at the border crossing.

In the southbound direction, the highway will be widened from one to three lanes, in order to accommodate a separate NEXUS and truck lane.
These improvements on Highway 13 are expected to provide significant mobility benefits to travellers in terms of reduced wait times at the border crossing and overall delays on the corridor. These upgrades will also cut down on vehicle idling at the border, providing positive environmental benefits.

In the northbound direction, the highway will be widened from one to two lanes to accommodate a truck climbing lane. In addition, crews will build a new two-lane east-west connection at 3B Avenue, extending from Highway 13 to 264th Street.

The upcoming improvements are expected to provide mobility and safety benefits to travellers and commercial traffic by creating more room to travel and decreasing traffic congestion. Importantly, the highway upgrades will provide additional capacity at the Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing to improve movement of people and goods, and to increase tourism and trade.

The infrastructure improvement project is in the design phase now, with the tender expected in spring 2017. Construction will start once the
contract has been awarded.

Expanding the capacity of our transportation network is critical to improving safety, attracting new investment and supporting economic growth. As outlined in B.C. on the Move, the B.C. government will invest approximately $1 billion over three years to ensure our network has the capacity and reliability to meet transport and trade needs, with maximum safety and minimal delays.

“These road improvements will ensure the efficient flow of travellers and commercial goods upon entry into Canada. This supports the Canada 

Border Services Agency’s commitment to better serve our communities, commercial importers and visitors to Canada.” Daniela Evans, director, Pacific Highway District, Canada Border Services Agency 

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