Seeking Nominations For PM’s Volunteer Awards

From Ed Fast. Do you know an individual, a group, a business or a not-for-profit organization that is making a difference in your community? Show your appreciation—nominate them for a Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award!

The Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards celebrate exceptional Canadians who make a difference. A total of 17 awards are given at both the regional and national level. Award recipients are recognized at a ceremony, and can name an eligible not-for-profit organization to receive a grant for $5,000 (regional award) or $10,000 (national award).

However, to receive an award, potential recipients must first be nominated by someone. The current call for nominations is open until April 15, 2013.

As individuals or groups, volunteers help their communities in many ways, from organizing activities for children with disabilities to fundraising for community projects. The number of hours they donate is the equivalent of nearly 1.1 million full-time jobs.

Many businesses make a positive impact in their communities. Some organize fundraising events to generate donations for charitable organizations. Some offer their employees paid time away from work to volunteer. In 2010, over half of all employees who volunteered said that they had received employer support to do so.

Not-for-profit organizations help build stronger communities. In Canada, 161,000 registered charities and not-for-profit organizations work to improve the lives of others. Many have forged new partnerships with other organizations to find solutions to social issues in their community.

Last year, over 750 nominations were received. The first recipients of the Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards were honoured at an awards ceremony held on December 14, 2012 in Ottawa.

With almost half of all Canadians volunteering, there are many more who deserve to be nominated—let’s make sure their valuable work is recognized.

Please visit,, or call 1-877-825-0434 for more information about the PMVA, including past award recipients and the current call for nominations.

MP Ed Fast, Abbotsford

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  • DeceitinDrugs says:

    My first thought, oh…here we go, again, the same people
    will have an opportunity to blow their own horns and a
    government ready to hand out awards to every Tdm, Dick and
    Harry in this community……not based on seeking out the
    people, who actually humbly contribute daily without a peep.

    And as Allan Asaph, in his latest article, made reference to
    importance of facts, after pouring over the Abbotsford News,
    ‘Who’s who List” I noticed for the past three years the same
    names from City Council and past & present members of the Abbotsford
    Chamber Executive and their close associates have appeared on that
    list..with exception of a few random names thrown in for good

    Now, I am sure several of the repeat names on the annual list
    contribute immensely to our community, but, it sure “appears”
    like the same people voting in each other, every year and/or
    the same people doing the selection of receipients.

    I hope Ed Fast, truely, looks over the applications of the people in our community, who are not in the ‘Who’s who” scene yet make very humble and remarkable contributions to our city.

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