Seismic Upgrades, Land Acquisition Top Five Year Capital Plan

Three seismic projects, two capacity/land acquisition projects and a number of bus replacements were presented as part of the Five Year Capital Plan, which is an annual requirement by the Ministry of Education. Secretary – Treasurer Velestuk noted seismic remediation projects are well into the planning stages for work at Yale Secondary and Abbotsford Traditional Secondary schools.

Work will begin on those schools within the next 10 months. The next school on list for seismic upgrades would be King Traditional Elementary.

The plan identified two future new elementary schools; one to be located on school district existing land on Eagle Mountain to relieve enrolment pressures on Mountain elementary, McMillan Elementary and Prince Charles Elementary as well as provide space for the first phase of the Vicarro Ranch Development. The second school will be located in the second phase of the development on the east side of Whatcom Road, with the initial step being site acquisition.

A number of school buses in the district’s fleet have been identified as being ready for replacement in the five year plan.

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