Should Heat Be Promoting Cheap Beer?

By December 28, 2013Issues

From Greg Cross. The Abbotsford Heat is advertising $3.00 Beers.

1. Children go to Hockey Games
2. Children go to the website
3. Low prices encourage drinking
4. After the Hockey game everyone drives home
5. The Heat are encouraging people to go to the game to drink cheap beer.
6. if you take in account the cost of beer and the overhead the beer may be selling below cost.
7. With the thousands of people at the game underage drinking would be very hard to control.
8. The Heat may advertise in the local media and internet which would expose children to the concept of cheap beer and sports
9. If the beer is cheap people may drink more
10. If the Heat are advertising cheep beer they may send email to minors as part of their marketing program.
11 Heat promotions talk about families and youth groups going to games.

“Abbotsford Heat President Ryan Walter said “We are always looking for ways to add value to our fans. Considering you can purchase a ticket to a Heat game, a hotdog, and a beer for less than $20, I think we’ve accomplished that”.”

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  • Gerda Peachey says:

    From: Gerda Peachey
    Date: Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 12:53 PM
    Subject: Is the Abbotsford Heat in compliance with liquor laws in B.C.? Gerda Peachey

    A friend sent me this email. We who must pay municipal taxes, pour millions into the ‘Abbotsford Leeches’. And we routinely pay for cheap beer at the AESC to entice more ‘fans’. Given that private business sell beer, how does city council justify using our tax dollars to inject unfair competition to that market.

    Play hockey, have a drink or two, but do that with your own money Lane Sweeting and Co.

    Past time for the City to stop being suckers.

    (and a further note: Didn’t Bruce Banman once object to $2.00 beers being sold at Heat games?)

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