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By March 18, 2015Fashion

By Lynette Greaves. The Spring/Summer Fashion Season is filled with styles in maxi length dresses, colour blocking, strapless everything, skinny jeans, vivid colours, very short shorts and stripes!

Thank goodness! The length of the dresses and skirts are longer this season. I don’t know about you…but I do not have the prettiest knees.

I love the fact that we ladies can now wear any length we find comfortable and flattering to our individual figures; without feeling that we are outdated and out of style.

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I have always felt that maxi dresses and skirts were my favorite go-to summer fashion choice because I hate to wear stockings in hot weather. You can even survive dashing out of the house without shaving your legs–and still feel and appear, wonderful!

lg dress1Versatility is the key to enjoying fashion. Choice is fun and variety is the spice of life!

I love colour block on dresses. My own LG Collection has a number of colour block dresses that are designed to make a woman’s waist appear smaller and longer. This trend is being embraced by almost every major designer. It can slim the entire silhouette of a woman’s body. It is a very flattering and quite timeless style that is suitable for all ages.

I have always been a big fan of strapless styles, particularly in dresses. I like to have an even tan (no strap marks). Strapless is the one and only way to accomplish this. I wear strapless dresses to the beach, for the evening, or with a light jacket or sweater for work.

lg dress3Skinny jeans? What can I say? I love them! They are flattering and fun. This season they are being featured in bright colours, stretch cotton, denim or leather. This style is most suited to taller, slimmer figures; but can be worn by almost anyone when paired with high heeled shoes or sandles.

Vivid colours just make me s-m-i-l-e! Bright yellow, turquoise, royal blue, red, fuchsia pink—they are all gorgeous. Colour is what spring and summer are all about. I still love my basic black, navy and even chocolate brown (looks great with a tan), but colour is glorious!

What can I say about short shorts? They are majorly sexy! I used to wear them—when I was younger, slimmer. I am also quite tall…

lg dress2Use good, honest judgement about the shape you are in and in what environment these are worn appropriately. Short shorts are made for those of us blessed with the right body and skin to make them appear truly flattering.

Stripes can look very fresh and nautical. The pattern is great for both spring and summer fashion and is hugely popular for 2013. Use good judgement about horizontal stripes if you are particularly well-endowed, it can certainly make you appear much wider. Vertical stripes in pants and jackets are, of course, always preferable.

Spring and summer are a time of sunshine and renewal. Brighten up your wardrobe with a little vivid colour and you can update your closet without breaking the budget. If you shop right, you may even be able to utilize your summer colour purchase for year-round wear.


Lynette Greaves


We’ll enable you to make the most of your wardrobe, your time, and your hard-earned money.

I want you to LOVE yourself when you look in the mirror…and FEEL as good as you LOOK!

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