The Guerilla Gardener – Recession vs Depression

Brenda Dyck is a writer and self-styled guerilla gardener whose wit, sense of humour and plain old commence sense will help you enjoy some of the chores that stand between you and the reward of a nice plush garden.

The Guerilla Gardener

The Guerilla Gardener

The Guerilla Gardener
Definition: Using unconventional gardening ideas,
to get maximum results from minimal resources.

By Brenda Dyck

Recession vs. Depression:
So what does this mean for a Guerilla Gardener?

It means that during this recession if I have to curb my spending on my garden I’m going to go into a deep depression.
I mean seriously, gas prices are up, food prices are up, and the company I work for has decided no one is getting a raise until June. What’s a Guerilla Gardener to do?

Since skipping meals is out (at least that’s the consensus around my house) and siphoning gas is illegal (although it might just ensure me three square meals a day), I’m going to have to think outside of the ‘box’ in order to fill my garden beds and pots.

Fortunately, being a Guerilla Gardener this isn’t hard.

Here are a few Guerilla Gardener ideas to get you through the recession without going into a depression:

Check the Internet –score cheap or even free stuff for your garden! Be sure to check regularly for deals. Here’s a few to get you started:

Freecycle –
Request and offer all kinds of items, specific to your area by searching with your town’s name. There are over 1200 members in Chilliwack alone! You need to sign up with an ID and password and the best part of this website is everything is absolutely FREE!
Craigslist –
Check out the free section or if you have a little spare cash check out the gardening section for
some great deals.

Dumpster Diving – Recycled bikes, teapots, dish pans, or boots make interesting planters or
imaginative focal points in the garden. If anyone tries to make you feel bad about it, just tell them you are saving the planet by recycling. Then make them feel guilty that they are not. After all, they don’t have to know that you are just trying to save money

Yard Sales – Map out a route using Craigslist or your local newspaper. Estate sale and moving sales always have the best stuff, especially if they are in upper class neighborhoods. This applies to thrift stores too!

Remember … timing is everything

Flea Markets –The Abbotsford Flea market runs every Sunday at the Abbotsford Exhibition Park grounds and is well worth the 75 cents for admission! You can buy annuals, perennials, and even water plants for unbelievable prices. If your not picky and you wait until the end of the day you can pick up a flat of annuals for about $5-7 a flat or less!

Garden Clubs – The Chilliwack Garden Club has a plant sale table available most months with donated plants, seeds, books etc. for purchase-by-donation. Membership dues are $25.00 or $30.00 per family per year. Contact Jack Kouwenhoven 604-792-2051 for more information.
Homemade Weed Killer – Environmentally friendly, cheap and works great!

In a gallon jug mix 3/4 gallon white vinegar (10% will work but 20% acidity is better) 3/4 cup table salt, and 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid together, close the lid and shake. Transfer it to a spray bottle. Spray it on the weeds in the heat of the full sun but be careful, it will kill whatever you spray it on!

Plant Markers – Cut up plastic mini blinds cut up to make plant markers and then use an indelible felt marker to label them.

Seeds– collect free seeds from existing plants.
Next month’s article will have a lot more detail on this money saving technique.

And remember timing is everything! The best deals on annuals start about June and for perennials late in September and October.

Brenda Dyck is a Fraser Valley writer AKA a Guerrilla Gardener
Guerilla Garden Adventures
Using unconventional gardening ideas,
to get maximum results from minimal resources.
Look for more columns from Brenda in the coming weeks.


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