By Wendy Bales. Here we go again. There is another last chance again until April 8th to make comments on pricing for water in the new Water Act. I have made my points in the water act’s past blogs, but will try to put in something short again.

I was on many of the committees and forums on both the Water Act as well as Forums on water and drought. There was a lot said about overlapping interests that threaten our local water sources. I will soon be sending an update on the APP, and many other examples of things that can affect our local water. Unfortunately in my opinion, many of the concerns about water protection are not reflected in a sustainable way in the new Water Act.

A lot of the consensus at meetings was that people did not want to commercialize water and that there first needed to be more local studies and local controls over water use in order to properly protect it.

That said they have started a new blog if anyone wants to comment. You only have 3 more days.

The new Britta commercial on TV says that one filter could save 300 bottles of water. Add to that all the oil that it takes to create the bottles


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