There Goes The Pipeline …

By August 7, 2014Satire, woMen on Roofs

By Mike Archer. The management team at Enbridge must be wondering why they ever bothered to believe the PR out of Stephen Harper’s office. At some point one can imagine someone at head office coming back from the all-important meeting saying, ‘This one’s in the bag. We’ve got the PM himself backing our plan.’

Then reality started to set it. Turns out no matter how good of an outdated PR plan you have which relies on political connections and old media, if people don’t want what you’re selling … they won’t buy it.

The newly empowered First Nations and at least half of BC residents are opposed to the Enbridge pipeline proposal.

With this weekend’s Mount Polley ecological disaster threatening waterways from the Cariboo down to the Lower Mainland, and overwhelming anger from BC residents asking Christy Clark how she could let such a thing happen, I think Enbridge can kiss their pipeline goodbye.

(Speaking of the Fraser River – I think Sharon Gaetz can probably kiss her toxic waste facility goodbye as well.)

Mount Polley


Walter Neufeld is known for his advocacy work as president of the FVRD Citizens Association and his work against the gravel industry lobby.

He also founded a group called ‘Men on Roofs’. The full name of the group is ‘Men on Roofs ask Canadian politicians to stop filching our democracy’ and they are sponsoring a series of politically charged images aimed at Canadian politicians.

Today Media regularly publishes his satirical vignettes.

Walter’s latest project is a group called ‘woMen on Roofs – Fools in office’

Walter-Neufeld-150x150*Walter Neufeld was born and raised in Abbotsford. He manages a development company operating in BC and in Alberta. Walter has been a critic of the provincial government’s dysfunctional Mines Act for about 12 years. Neufeld is the president of the Fraser Valley Regional District Citizens Association (FVRDCA). Most recently, he’s critiqued both Honourable Randy Hawes and the gravel industries Aggregate Pilot Project which he believes to be a harmful private production document .

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